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Age of Dragons

A Dragon Age Roleplaying Dressing Room

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Name:Age of Dragons: A Dragon Age Roleplaying Dressing
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Community description:Dragon Age RP Dressing Room

Age of Dragons: A Dragon Age Roleplaying Dressing Room
Age of Dragons is a casual dressing room where people can voice test, roleplay, and connect with other people who roleplay from Bioware's Dragon Age series. Anyone with a Dragon Age character may join and play. The setting in general is Thedas, of course, but after that it's all up to you. Want your character to be hiding behind a mask in a fancy Orlesian salon? Go right ahead. Or perhaps you want to get a party together to go dragon hunting in the Frostback Mountains. Or maybe you're in the Fade, where anything can happen. As long as it's Dragon Age related, anything goes.


1. Only Dragon Age characters are permitted in this dressing room, although AU characters and OCs from the Dragon Age universe are accepted as well. Duplicates of characters are permitted and expected. It is a dressing room, after all.

2. Please do be mindful of Inquisition Spoilers for those who have not finished the game. If you think your post or thread might contain spoilers, please include a Spoiler Warning in the subject header and use appropriate cuts in posts.

3. NC-17 rated or NSFW material should also include a warning in the subject header and be placed behind a cut.

4. The only other rule is to respect the people of this community. Anyone found harassing others, creating OOC drama, or otherwise ignoring the rules can and will be shown the door. If you have a problem or need to report something please leave a PM at [profile] draggony.

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